27.04.2012   RIFF JTAG – HTC via USB more phones supported

  • HTC Thunderbolt USB support added
  • HTC Sensation XL USB support added
  • HTC Inspire USB support added
  • HTC Incredible S USB support added
  • HTC Incredible 2 USB support added

These new updates will allow You to use USB cable to perform any operation on listed models. Remember that this work if Your phone is enumerated on USB port as QHUSB_Dload or Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader device.
In case phone is not enumerated, You might need to use test point method first.

Please visit RIFF FAQ section to see how to install drivers, and how to find eMMC Vdd test points:

If You need to repair phone after replacing eMMC chip, these are the steps:
  • Launch eMMC MBR/EBR partitioning tool
  • Open desired partitioning file
  • Click “Load Image from file”
  • Click “Repartition eMMC”
  • Close the eMMC plugin
  • Click “Resurrection” and select all options to be repaired, including IMEI and CID
  • Click “Resurrect”

Please click “Check for updates” button to download and install new updates.