This guide will show how change frequency band selection on Netgear (former Sierra Wireless) Aircard modems including Nighthawk M1 MR1100, Nighthawk M2 M2200, Aircard 305U, 307U, 308U, 309U, 310U, 312U, 313U, 318U, 319U, 320U, 330U, 340U, 503, 598U, etc
Every cellular network operates on a set of certain frequency bands so changing the frequency in some cases can improve signal and data reception.

How to enable Netgear (Sierra Wireless) frequency band selection using AT commands

By default band selection is not allowed via the admin / web interface on some Netgear models, others do allow to modify it. This depends on modem’s firmware version. This method is free and requires some technical knowledge. For all-included paid method scroll down and see instructions on the bottom of this article.

  • Connect your Netgear modem via USB cable or plug it into the USB port of your computer
  • Enter or in browser’s address bar then proceed to logging in.
    Default web interface credentials (username and password) can be found in official knowledgebase
  • In admin web interface Enable USB teathering and set USB connection to be used for Charge + Teather
  • Download and run telnet client e.g. Putty
  • Enter default port number 5510 and ip address of your modem
  • Click Open to open telnet client input window
  • Enter the following AT commands:
    1. AT!GSTATUS? shows active connected mobile network info
    2. AT!BAND=? outputs all available frequency bands This command should print something like this
    3. AT!band? outputs current frequency band
    4. AT!BAND=? use the same format to add new frequency bands:

      B1 band Selection:
      AT!BAND=03,”LTE B1″,0,1

      B3 band Selection:
      AT!BAND=04,”LTE B3″,0,4

      B7 band Selection:
      AT!BAND=05,”LTE B7″,0,40

      B8 band Selection:
      AT!BAND=06,”LTE B8″,0,80

      B20 band Selection:
      AT!BAND=07,”LTE B20″,0,80000

      B28 band Selection:
      AT!BAND=08,”LTE B28″,0,8000000

      B38 band Selection:
      AT!BAND=09,”LTE B38″,0,2000000000
    5. To remove one of the above bands from the list use this command AT!BAND=,””,0,0
  • Reboot your Netgear/Sierra Wireless modem for the changes to take effect. Now you can select the frequency band from the list of newly appeared band in your web interface.

How to enable Netgear (Sierra Wireless) frequency band selection using software.

  • This software requires you to purchase credits. Netgear frequency band change (manual selection) requires 29 credits. Username and password will be sent to you by email.
  • Download latest DC-unlocker software
  • Open the software you just downloaded and enter your credentials in the appropriate fields
  • Make sure to take out SIM card. Select Sierra Wireless / Netgear form the dropdown list and click magnifying glass button
  • Software will detect device and will show vital info such as SN, Firmware version, SIM lock status, etc
  • In the Advanced Tab click on Edit band list
  • In the new window click Read Bands from Router
  • Available frequency bands will be shown on the left while currently enabled bands will be displayed in the right pane
  • To add new menu item press + button
  • You can enter name for your new band or leave it as is.New group will appear on the right
  • To add custom frequency bands to the newly created group first select the bands in the left pane and mark the menu on the right. Complete the addition by clicking on the green arrow button
  • Click on Update band menu in Router which will write the configuration into the Netgear router
  • To verify that you now have new bands go to the dashboard Advanced settings -> Cellular