20.12.2011   CDMA Haier C301R supported

Resurrecting Haier C301R is simple. Phone is auto powered on with USB Cable connected to the PC. Battery presence is not required; connection can be established with detached board.
Current resurrector contains Firmware and EEPROM zones for memory chip with ID 0x00EC/0x257E

To resurrect Haier C301R:

  •  Solder JTAG cable to Haier C301R JTAG pads;
  •  Insert USB Data cable into board and PC;
  •  Make sure Haier C301R is selected in the list of models;
  •  Click Resurrect button;
  •  Choose which areas to flash;
  •  Wait till software signals a successful operation completion;
  •  De-solder JTAG wires;