02.04.2012  RIFF JTAG – HTC 7 Pro (HTC Gold) Unbrick, Unlock, IMEI and CID repair supported

Repairing bricked  HTC 7 Pro is easy with RIFF Box. Phone is auto powered on with USB Data Cable connected to the PC while battery is connected.
Resurrector will re-flash radio’s boot zone and will re-write PDA’s SPL to 0.71.1000 or 0.00.1000 SPL version (depends on your choice). Additionally to SPL and Radio zones, the zone which contains Model ID is re-flashed too. Thus after resurrection phone will have Model ID = ‘PC9210000’.

To resurrect HTC 7 Pro:

  •  Solder JTAG cable to HTC 7 Pro JTAG pads;
  •  Insert USB Data cable into board and PC;
  •  Make sure HTC 7 Pro is selected in the list of models;
  •  Click Resurrect button;
  •  Wait till software signals a successful operation completion;
  •  Disconnect power supply, de-solder JTAG wires;

Now phone is in bootable condition, that is, even if it does not start up normally, you can flash it using known flashing methods.

To enter download mode:

  •  Disconnect PC cable;
  •  Insert battery;
  •  Hold ‘Volume Down’ key and press ‘Power ON’ button. In few seconds you should see TriColor picture.