RIFF JTAG – eMMC Partition Plugin v1.0 (Qualcomm EBR-MBR based eMMC flash images processing)

This plugin works with eMMC image files which have standard Master Boot Record (MBR) and Extended Boot Record (EBR) formatting. Most of eMMC-bootable mobile phones have their eMMC memory formatted in such style. In this case partitions are accessed in standard way, by Partition ID: for example boot loader partitions or OS image partition (compare with qualcomm MIBIB partitioning: while ‘MIBIB’-type partitions have standalone partition descriptor block which contains info on all partitions and is posistioned in a definite NAND address, the eMMC partitioning is one MBR sector at fixed position + a chain of EBR sectors which are scattered throughout the eMMC address space in a literally random way).
This plugin is a powerfull tool which enormously simplifies resurrection process (providing you have the required boot files from an official firmware or you have a ‘donor’ device) for those devices which are not yet supported by a dedicated resurrector DLL.
Please note, such phones as Samsung Exynos MCU based pohones (for example I9100, P6200, P6800, N7000, I9220 and etc), though have eMMC chip, are not partitioned in MBR way and thus are not the subject for the current plugin. These phones are to be processed by different plugin.

With the help of this plugin you can do:

  •  Disassemble a full (or, since eMMC full image files are too large, a partial) eMMC Image File previously obtained with JTAG Manager (DCC Read/Write Page);
  •  Inspect each partition contents;
  •  Save separate partitions to HDD;
  •  Save all partitions as standalone files to HDD;
  •  Build-up your own full image file: for this you need to read from device (by clicking “Load Image from Device” button) or open from file (by clicking “Load Image from File” button) the eMMC partitioning data and then by selecting desired partitions click “Inject Into Partition” button to upload data from file into selected partition. Then you can save all full image file to HDD or flash injected partitions directly into device;
  •  Write a chosen partition directly into device;
  •  Read a chosen partition directly from device and substitute old partition contents to new ones;
  •  Create eMMC partitioning snapshot (that is storing info on full EBR chain: each EBR sector position).
  •  Restore eMMC partitioning from previously taken file: it is convenient if eMMC memory is erased and all formatting data is lost.
  •  Plugin supports new RIFF™ shrinked binary files format (*.riffpbin): which allows to shrink huge eMMC Image files into small sized-files (for example, Image File for 14GB empty eMMC chip is shrinked into ~10 KByte(!) size), thus HDD space is preserved, while performance is not visibly effected.

Please note, direct read/write operations from/to the device will require proper resurrector to be set (Resurrector Settings: thus before clicking the Activate Plugin button make sure proper model is selected as well as other settings like TCK/RTCK frequencies).