We told you about BuzzVoice a few months ago, and it’s roughly described as a “Pandora for News” app. Well, BuzzVoice has announced an update to their popular app, and there’s a new feature. Now, if you can’t find your favorite RSS feed from the growing list already in the app, you can add any RSS feed to your playlist. But that’s not the best part. Now, anyone can get BuzzVoice for the magical price of FREE! That’s right, we said free. And it’s not a scaled-down, “Lite” version that’s missing some features, either.

If you don’t know what BuzzVoice is, you’re missing out. It’s designed for busy people that may not have time to sit down and read all the news from their favorite sites *cough* AndroidGuys *cough*. BuzzVoice reads the stories and articles out to you, so you can stay informed while doing other tasks. And BuzzVoice will even read continuously, going from article to article, so you don’t have to select one while driving or jogging. So, if you don’t already have it, click here on your Android device to get it from the Market, or  scan the QR code below. Enjoy!

BuzzVoice updated, goes free originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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