Two months and eleven updates after hitting Android in beta form, TweetDeck has arrived in the Android Market.  Thanks to more than 36,000 beta testers, the developers were able to deliver an incredible looking and feature rich client available to all!  Head to the Android Market and download TweetDeck if you use any or all of the following social networking services – Twitter, Facebook,Foursquare and/or Google Buzz.    Updates from each client are viewable using the blended Home and Me columns so it’s a breeze to stay connected without hopping from app to app.  Watch a video after the break to see how TweetDeck works!

It gets better.  TweetDeck is hard at work on future updates with  “better support for landscape mode, deeper Facebook integration, better multiple account support and lots more”.  If you previously used the beta version, you’re advised to uninstall TweetDeck and do a clean install.

TweetDeck Sheds Beta Tag, Arrives in Android Market originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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