06.04.2012   RIFF JTAG – STB EuroSky ES-4100 Unbrick supported

Repairing bricked EuroSky ES-4100 is easy with the RIFF Box. Receiver is based on the ALI M3329C processor. Receiver is powered on when power plug is attached. If connection process stops at “Establish communication with the phone…” just reset the receiver’s power.
Current resurrector contains Boot, Firmware and Data zones which in total is complete full connects for 2Mb SPI serial memory chip.
Please note, to enable JTAG you have to make sure the JP1 jumper on board is not shorted, desolder resistor R65. Sometimes you may need to disconnect front LED panel interface cable from the board (13-pin connector). After resurrection do not forget either to solder the resistor back or shortcut JP1 jumper.

To resurrect EuroSky ES-4100:

  •  Solder JTAG cable to EuroSky ES-4100 JTAG pads;
  •  Make sure EuroSky ES-4100 is selected in the list of models;
  •  Connect power;
  •  Click Resurrect button;
  •  Choose which areas to flash;
  •  Wait till software signals a successful operation completion;
  •  De-solder JTAG wires;

Now STB is in bootable condition, that is, even if it does not start up normally you can flash it via UART using known flashing methods. Or you can do resurrection checking full clone resurrect option – this will re-write all flash memory contents.