07.10.2011    Samsung Galaxy II, OMAP4430 version supported (Samsung i9100G, Samsung i9108)

Samsung I9108 is based on the OMAP4430 Processor (Cortex-A9 Dual-Core). JTAG pads are very small; professional experience in soldering is required to connect wires to the JTAG interface. There is a big variety of versions of Galaxy II devices: GT-I9100, GT-I9100G, GT-I9100L, GT-I9100M, GT-I9100T, GT-I9101, GT-I9103, GT-I9108, GT-I9188, and maybe more. Some of them are based on different hardware platform – the Samsung S5PV310 (Cortex-A9 Dual-Core). Thus make sure first which exact hardware version you have on hands.

Note, one simple way to connect over JTAG – connect USB cable to PC and insert battery. In this case phone is automatically powered on.
Current DLL is still a beta one. It will work only with phones which have killed X-Loader.

To resurrect Samsung I9108:

  •  Solder JTAG cable to Samsung I9108 JTAG pads;
  •  Connect USB cable to phone and PC;
  •  Insert battery;
  •  Make sure Samsung I9108 is selected in the list of models;
  •  Make sure a fixed TCK frequency is selected;
  •  Click Resurrect button;
  •  Wait till software signals a successful operation completion;
  •  Disconnect USB cable, de-solder JTAG wires;

Now phone is in bootable condition, that is, even if it does not start up normally, you can flash it using original Samsung downloader software to restore it to the working state.

To enter download mode:

  •  Disconnect PC cable;
  •  Insert battery;
  •  Hold both ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Home’ keys and press Power-On.