This guide covers installation and activation of Z3X LG tool software.

Z3X LG Activation includes MediaTek Smart Tool, LG Sgold 3 Tool and LG 2-3G Tool. MTK Smart tool and Sgold 3 Tool are quite outdated, former was last updated in April 2016, latter in July 2014. What is used now is LG 2-3G Tool or simply LG tool. It supports LG, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei and is used for the following operations: Network / SIM / Subset / Corporate unlock code reading and direct unlock, IMEI change, flashing and other mobile phone service functions. Z3X LG supports the following platform:

  • Qualcomm
  • Analog Devices
  • Texas Instrumental
  • MediaTek
  • Infineon
  • A2

To run the software you need a box or dongle with installed smart card. New LG models require a purchase of server credits.

How to activate and register Z3X box

If you just ordered and received in mail your Z3X LG box it will most probably require activation and registration. Remember to always buy from official resellers to have after-sale support and warranty.

  1. Download and install Shell software. Those on Windows 8 and later should run the software as Administrator

2. Go to Settings and place a checkmark next to Check for update and Register “zx3file” protocol at startup

3. While on the Settings tab clock on Hardware Wizard and Register Card

4. Finish the process of registering the smart card and updating its firmware. Make sure to have a stable internet connection for this step. If the firmware update is interrupted your smart card can be come nonoperational.

5. Now we are ready to activate your LG Tool. For this go back to the Settings tab – Hardware Wizard and select Add activation. This option might not be there if your reseller didn’t add any activations to your SN. In this case you will need to contact your reseller. If your reseller is unreachable you are out of luck and you will have to buy the activation again. That is why I do not recommend buying from ebay or unknown Chinese sellers.

6. Next screen is pretty straightforward. Select the activations available and click Next

7. Now your smart card has been updated and has activations that you previously purchased.

8. Let’s verify what we have and what else we can activate. In the example below we have the following activated software tools: LG Tools, Samsung Tool, Samsung Tool Pro. If you wan to activate China Editor software you will have to buy it first and then repeat from step 5. Note that you will not be able to activate Easy Jtag on a regular Z3X box. Easy Jtag requires special hardware and can only work with Easy Jtag box Plus lite or Easy Jtag box Plus full.

How to install Z3X LG Tool software

Use Shell software to download latest LG Tool.

  1. Go to Support files tab and navigate to Software LG

2. Run the installation package as Administrator

3. Run LG tool as Administrator or better set it up to run as Admin automatically by going to a right-click menu Property Compatibility Run this program as Administrator.

Possible problems with installation of Z3X LG tool

The most common problem with Z3X LG tool installation is Card not found error message. Let us review possible reasons for this issue and solutions.

If you skipped the Registration section and didn’t Register and Activate the card you will not be able to run LG Tool software. So go back to the beginning of this article and perform steps 1 through 5

Provided that you have gone through Shell installation steps, Installed the latest LG Tool and still getting this message check the following:

  1. If you have blue GPG-made Z3X box make sure that the switch is at IN position. GPG boxes have dual sim card reader. They can have internal smart card and external one that can be switched without opening the box. In most cases the card is inside (IN position of the switch). Also check if the smart card is there at all, it is the size of normal sized SIM card and should be visible through the bottom of the box.
  2. If you have black plastic or metal box you can see the card from the outside. Sometimes, in very rear cases you will have to reseat the card in the slot (box must be disconnected while performing this).
  3. Check USB connection on your PC and try to use another one. Also check USB cable that you use to connect the box to your PC. Replace the cable if necessary. Do not use USB hubs to connect Z3X box to PC

Z3x box driver installation. Z3x Smart card driver installation.

Normally box and smart card drivers will install automatically after you install the software. However in some cases especially for earlier Windows versions such as 7 and XP, troubleshooting driver issues might become a nightmare.

To see if drivers installed correctly:

  • Open Device manager and see if there are entries with ! or ?
  • If problem entries refer to Z3x box, Smart card, USB Serial port you must reinstall them. Select Update Driver software from the right-click menu. Click on Browse my computer for driver software. On the next screen select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on. Click on button Have Disk, Browse and navigate to a location where Z3x installed drivers (by default Program Files/Z3X/LG/LGI_SG3/drivers/ or Program Files/Z3X/Box Drivers/