If you recently bought Z3x Samsung box and installed Z3X Samsung Tool Pro software on your computer you might come across this prompt after launching the software and trying to unlock your cell phone:

Provide login and password and lower fields to enter login and password

z3x create credit account

By default Z3x box doesn’t provide login and password meaning that you have to create account after you have purchased box or dongle and installed the software.

What is a Z3X credit account.

Z3x account is a set of credentials that come with a predefined amount of z3x sams_crd credits. These credits are required to perform unlock operations of Samsung and LG mobile phones (code read via server or direct unlock via server). Usually accounts come in 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, 1000 amounts. Though larger accounts can be created with custom amounts.

Sample account will look like this:

Username: z3x_exampleUsername
Password: z3x_eamplePassword

How to use z3x_sams crd server credits

So you have purchased your credits pack and received an email containing your Z3x login. What are the next steps?

  • Open Samsung or LG software and navigate to Settings
  • Enter your credentials and make sure to link your z3x account with your Z3x smart card
  • By clicking on the same “link with card” link you can disconnect the credit account from your card SN and enter other credentials in case you need to do so
z3x shell software

One successful unlock operation takes 5 to 10 credits. Credit consumption can differ for different phone models.

How to check your credit balance

If you haven’t yet done so you should download Shell software which is used for file downloads, smart card servicing, adding new activations, etc. In the software go to Settings, enter your login and password into the dedicated fields and press Credit History

Where to buy Z3X credits

I recommend Cellcorner as they have proven to be fast and reliable when it comes to creating or refilling Z3X accounts.

Where can you get free Z3X credits

Unless some of the resellers feels very generous that day it is not possible to get those credits for free.

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