Getting excited over the upcoming G2 from T-Mobile but don’t want to wait for the pre-order later this month?  Head to your local Best Buy and put your name on one.  The national retail giant is offering T-Mobile’s next super phone for 9 with a two-year service agreement.  One reason to consider going through Best Buy is that they typically help eat any mail-in rebates that might come from dealing with carriers directly.  For example, T-Mobile might be selling the G2 at 9.99 with a mail-in rebate.  We’ll have to wait to hear from them until we know for sure.  For those wondering when an actual release is expected, Best Buy claims that the G2 will be in store on October 6th.


Best Buy Mobile Launches Pre-Sale of the T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™

The pre-sale begins Friday, September 10.

Best Buy Mobile today announced the T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™ will be available for pre-orders starting Friday, September 10. It will launch in stores October 6 and will retail for 9.99 with new two-year activation.

By adding the T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™ to its assortment, Best Buy Mobile furthers its position as the place for consumers to research and purchase the smart phone that is right for their needs. Best Buy Mobile has the most under smart phones under one roof, including the iPhone 4, HTC EVO 4G (Black or White version), the full line of Samsung Galaxy smart phones and the BlackBerry Torch, among others.

The G2 is T-Mobile’s first phone on its advanced network that lets consumers connect at 4G speeds. It has the Android 2.2 operating system, an exclusive hinge design (HTC calls it “Z-Hinge”) that opens up to a QWERTY keyboard and a full touch screen 3.7” S-TFT WVGA with clear images and wide viewing angle.

Pre-orders can be made by visiting any local Best Buy or Best Buy mobile standalone store.

At Best Buy Mobile, consumers can compare the latest devices from popular carriers and plans in store or online. For more information on the T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™, and other smart phones available at Best Buy, visit

Best Buy Offering G2 Pre-Sales NOW originally appeared on AndroidGuys.