What a busy week we had! Let’s check out what went on last week in the world of Android, shall we? First, devices! There were several devices released, or at least leaked last week. Such as:

  • The LG Star, leaked in some pictures as well as a 7-minute video
  • The Motorola Olympus, which AT&T accidentally announced on their Facebook page, and was later spotted in a flea market, of all places
  • The Creative ZiiO Android tablet that was leaked by the FCC (who else?)
  • The LG LU-3000, a mid-range Android device that’s pretty dang fast
  • And of course, the Playstation Phone was seen running Gingerbread in a video as well as some details

Now, on to some stats! We learned that Android is outselling Windows Phone 7 devices 15 to 1, 50% of the smartphones sold in China are Android phones, Android’s market share acceleration slowed down, and Samsung has sold over 1 million Galaxy Tabs. Samsung seems to be doing very well this time of year, as their Galaxy S line has propelled them to #1 in handset manufacturers. Who said Android was fragmented? The latest report shows that 83% of Android handsets are running 2.1 or 2.2.

The 4G wars are definitely on, as Sprint expanded their 4G network to 68 markets, and Verizon launched its 4G LTE campaign. We heard that Big Red’s network is insanely fast, but we have to keep in mind that there’s little to no traffic at the moment. We’ll just have to wait and see how fast it really is, when there’s 50 million people using it at once.

There were several app releases, as well as updates. The list begins with Mobicartel’s 2 Christmas live wallpapers, Flash Player 10.1, GameLoft’s Dungeon Hunter, AirSync from DoubleTwist, Angry Birds Seasons, and finally, WinAmp, which brings WiFi sync to Android.

Other miscellaneous news includes a 00 bounty for that lucky Android pro that roots Google TV, an Android Snowman collectible, RIM’s acquisition of TAT, and a Blackberry Torch that runs Android.

Well, that’s your AndroidGuys Weekly Roundup for last week! Thanks for your time, and feel free to leave a comment below on any of these topics. Have a nice day!

AndroidGuys Weekly Roundup Nov. 29-Dec. 3 originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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