Still awake? There’s a Chumby FunBox app for that

The FunBox is a bedside alarm clock but it’s also a widget-running Chumby, which means it’ll let you check your twitter feeds, load up a track on Pandora or do other inappropriately stimulating activities right before catching some Zs. The device has just passed through the FCC and its paperwork reveals a 3.5-inch (possibly resistive) touch screen, a 454MHz processor, 1GB DDR memory, SD card slot and a USB port for an external drive. We couldn’t tell you price or availability at this stage, but with top smartphones increasingly coming with night dock accessories the FunBox is hardly likely to find a guaranteed perch beside our pillow.

Still awake? There’s a Chumby FunBox app for that originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 01 Oct 2011 00:38:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Bold 9700 Blinks once and four times rapidly

I have a Bold 9700 worked fine a week ago went to use it today and I turned it on and the red LED light came on and remained solid . No boot up or screen image at all. I plugged it in to my computer and it started blinking 4 times rapidly and then once over and over again. There is No Water Damage to the device :(

BlackBerry Desktop Manager recognizes the BOLD and the computer makes a "Device connected tone" but it does not show up in My Computer.

I have tried EVERYTHING I can find online to restore the software but I am at a complete loss on what to do. One thing I did notice when the phone worked was that there was a memory card read error. I rhink it said it was corrupt or could not be formatted.. Does this have anything to do with it either??

I have done command prompt and JL_Cmndr and also Javaloader… and so on.

Is there anyone that can help me please???? I am thinking something just needs to be reloaded but the BlackBerry is not communicating with PC therefore I am at a loss…

I am running Windows 7 and am pretty computer savy and also great at following directions. LOL!!!

:bb: Thanks you kindly.


Visiourbano for see places around me

Visiourbano for Blackberry.

Visiourbano allows you view and find information about around you. How many times have you had the need to find the nearest coffee?

Visiourbano makes use GPS of the device, but if your device does not have GPS, also you can to know the geografic location through GSM.

Visiourbano is completely free!

Support all BlackBerry OS, since OS 4.5 to 7.0

Download from our Website:

Best Regards!

Game Changers – HTC Kaiser

The HTC Kaiser. Before I could get it, I remember I wanted it. I used to keep looking at the full specifications’ page at gsmarena and staring at the specs of it in utter disbelief. It was aesthetically pleasing, it had an awesome camera, and it had a slide out keyboard. And if that wasn’t enough the screen tilted upwards. This feature was a major selling point of the phone.

The first rumours of the handset arrived late 2006. Whispers of GPS were swirling making people want more info. Gradually, as news arrived that it was realized that this was a flagship device. HTC was giving a lot of love to the advertising and releases of shots.

The specs by today’s standard weren’t amazing but back then, everyone was amazed. The device was sporting a 400 MHz ARM 11 processor, 256 ROM, 128 RAM, Micro SDHC support, a 320×240 QVGA resistive touchscreen, GPS, and a 3.15 MP Camera. Everyone lusted after this device and it was quite sturdy as well.

The only major drawback was a driver issue, which made videos and displays very choppy. Despite this, I loved it and so did many others as it was usable.

I am quite fond of this device because it was the first one I had ever flashed. I had a Universal before but wasn’t aware of its full potential, but I knew that this one could do more. I remember doing so much to this device, changing the radio, adding things the carrier had left out, and flashing a new rom every other day.

I only had this phone for about a year before I was allowed to upgrade. I sold my kaiser to someone who was astounded by its capabilities and moved on. But still to this date, I have never forgotten the chunky beast.

Cyclone Box Firmware v01.75 Released

What’s new?
– MEP-10129-006 added
– MEP-04626-001 fixed length
– MEP-06529-001 fixed length
– MEP-06529-002 fixed length
– MEP-06530-001 fixed length
– MEP-06530-002 fixed length
– MEP-07321-002 fixed length
– MEP-07723-001 fixed length
– MEP-08881-001 fixed length
– MEP-08882-001 fixed length
– MEP-09292-001 fixed length
– MEP-10073-001 fixed length
– MEP-18601-001 fixed length
– MEP-19877-001 fixed length
– MEP-24660-001 fixed length
– MEP-30218-001 fixed length
Update your box using box maintenance.

DC-Unlocker – 0716 Huawei E585U-82, E586, E1732 India IDEA and many others added

Huawei E261
Huawei E1731

Sierra wireless AirCard AC754S
Huawei E586
Huawei E585U-82

Customized modems:
Huawei E153 11.0609.18.00.238 Dec 06 2010 11:04:53 (SmartBro Philippines)
Huawei E153 11.609.18.00.158 Dec 23 2010 11:07:15 (Globe Philippines)
Huawei E153 11.609.16.00.201 Jul 28 2010 10:18:43 (Sun Philippines)
Huawei E153 11.609.18.00.634 Dec 20 2010 21:10:09 (MTS Uzbekistan)
Huawei E1732 Mar 04 2011 12:28:46 (Idea India)
Huawei E1732 Apr 27 2011 16:28:48 (Idea India)
Huawei E1732 Jun 09 2011 15:40:11 (Idea India)
Huawei E1550 11.609.20.02.356 May 25 2011 20:06:49 (Idea India)
Huawei E1550 11.609.20.03.356 Jun 02 2011 15:39:45 (Idea India)

++All supported customized versions unlock in few seconds without firmware change.
++All supported routers unlock price reduced.

Text message sent to wrong recipient

I sent a text message to user A. User A received the message but I also heard from user B that they received the same message. Both users are in my address book. I checked the BB log and it only shows the message being sent to the correct recipient. Also, the outbound text log from the carrier only shows it going to the correct recipient. Has anyone ever seen this issue?

Hitachi glasses-free 3D technology lets you view weird chicken things from multiple angles

We might not have chosen the above weird baby chick to pitch our autostereoscopic technology to the world, but at least it makes for some memorable imagery. The hatchling is a 3D image generated by projectors, overlayed on top of a real world object, which can be viewed by multiple people at multiple angles without the need for 3D glasses. Built-in sensors detect the viewer’s positions and adjust the viewing angle accordingly. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this sort of technology — heck, this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen this sort of thing from Hitachi, but the company says it’s continually getting better, with a marked depth resolution improvement over a technology shown off this time last year at CEATEC. The company is looking to implement the technology for both digital signage and entertainment purposes, eventually revolutionizing the way the world looks at 3D baby chickens.

Hitachi glasses-free 3D technology lets you view weird chicken things from multiple angles originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 30 Sep 2011 22:41:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Draft email messages are sent to my BB Curve

I used Mac Mail running Lion (OS X 7) & my mail server if Google Mail. I dont know why, but ALL my SAVED (messages in my DRAFT folders) are been mailed to me as if they were SEND mail messages. Example – Say I am working a message. I could possibly received 15 or 20 pieces on my BB Curve for that ONE message that is I am currently working. It seems like each and every time I modify the message and save it, a portion of that message is mail to my Curve. It a VERY annoying problem! I was wondering if any one else is having this problem and how to PLEASE solve it! Thanks in advance for your support. Bob8-)