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O desafio web: BlackBerry PlayBook versus iPad da Apple

Como o tablet BlackBerry® PlayBook™ se compara ao iPad® da Apple®? Assista a este novo vídeo comparativo
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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet for Business

See how the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is built for business.
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Blank white screen on Blackberry Curve 8520!?!?!?!?

Okay so I bought a Blackberry Curve 8520 from a friend a week ago. He told me the previous user(which was his friend) dropped the phone and replaced the screen, then it had a blank white screen from then on. When I charge the phone, LED lights come on, so obviously, it still works, and when I connect it to the computer, it recognizes it. I need to know how many and what models of screens are there for the Curve 8520, because I’m planning on fixing this ASAP… But other than that, is it just the screen or is it something else?

BB Bold 9650 – White screen only…

Its been raining in So.Cal quite a bit. I took a call in the car, put the phone on my lap and when I got out, didnt realize it dropped on the ground.

After about 15 mins, I realized that the phone had been dropped and went out to get it, sitting in the street with a bright white screen on, been rained on for approx 20 mins.

I did as expected, pulled the battery and set it in a warm dry area and let it sit for 2 days. I tried putting the battery back in after 2 days and it boots up to a white screen only. I pulled the battery, waited another day and tried again. Same white screen. THis time I let it run. I could hear it receive text messages and other "sounds of activity". It clearly works fine, but no screen.

I have a 9630 as a backup phone, I transferred the service (was able to back up the 9650 using DM no problem) to the 9630. After a week, I decided Im gonna try to open the phone. I opened it up, looked for any traces of water (none) and cleaned out the phone the best I could, no luck.

I opened the 9630 and swapped the screen with the 9650 (thinking they are so similar). I booted it up, white screen only. I used JL commander to "Reset to Factory Default" (to remove IT policy and any personal info), and that worked fine. The 9630 is back together, working like a champ.

My question to you good folks, what value does the 9650 have now? Is it worth trying to sell on Ebay for parts (fully disclosed condition of course) or it should I just pull the battery and toss it? Any last minute salvation tactics?

Phone wont charge


I have a blackberry curve 8520, my phone switched off the other night, i tried to charge it but nothing happened. I bought a new battery as my old one wasnt working very well, however that didnt work.

My charger works as I have tried it on my friends exact model and it charges’s hers.

When I plug the charger into my phone, there is no red light showing on my phone.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what it may be?

Thanks :smile:

Oldest blackberry to automatically have messenger

Dear all,
I am not a very technical person and hence I do not want to spend hours changing my software on my phone or so.
Therefore I was wondering which is the oldest blackberry on the market that automatically has the messenger option included/
Thank you already for you answer

Any Free Apps for Screen Rotation Lock?

what up ya’ll? 😛

Curious if anyone out there knows of any free apps that will let me do a tilt lock on my Torch? I only found two apps that charge up to 9 dollars individually for this simple function and both have ratings of 3 out of 5. I is not happy wit dat.

thanx my peeps. :)

Help needed.

The problem is that BBM wont work for me, in the Enterprise Activation it says Not Activated and i really have no clue on how to do this,I need some sort of email and password and don’t know where or how to get these, I just don’t know where to even start, Its a second hand BlackBerry Curve 8520, i have a 02 contract sim in it and everything else works fine, when i send a request on BBM it just says pending but the other person just doesn’t receive it even if there sat right at the side of me, any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Bricked my 9650!

Hello all,

I bricked my BB9650 running OS6. Now my Bold boots up until the progress bar is all the way across the screen then sits there for several minutes then goes to a screen that says app error 200 reset.

I tried apploader and JL Cmder and neither can connect to it.

Any ideas?

Speaker Issue

My 9700’s speaker has stopped working. I dont know weather is an OS problem or hardware, but you cant here music playing at all. no sound through speaker.

Any help?

browser not working

i have new BB 9300 3G and browser problem. when i like to go at internet, i always will connected with WAP or WiFi. if i like to open any web page i get the answer – you need WiFi Connection – I can choice at the browser only WAP or WiFi ???? What i can do, to get the Internet via UMTS????

Need to know something.

Is there any way to check whether or not someone has opened and viewed your message on a Blackberry?

I know it’s possible to get a delivery report that tell’s you they’ve received the message but is there any way to see if they have opened the message.


BlackBerry Java SDK – 6.0 MR1

I am using SDK 6 and my simulator crashes when I open an email message. This appears to been fixed in "Java SDK – 6.0 MR1". Where can I download this patch? Google etc isnt revealing the location. I downloaded and installed the standard SDK 6 just a few days ago so I’m assuming this patch wasnt included.


Fixed issues
BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator
The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator crashed when you attempted to open a new email message. (760983)


8520 will not charge

My Curve 8520 doesn’t seem to be charging, I’ve had it in at both USB and wall plug for over an hour and nothing seems to be happening. I’ve tried a battery pull and still nothing.

Luckily I still have two bars of battery left, and can see the charging sign on the battery in the top left corner, but there doesn’t seem to be anything happening. Does anyone know why this is and/or how I can fix it?

The battery is only about a month old.

Cannot run Blackberry Administration Service

Hi guys, I finally got a new job as an Admin and I have taken over this new network. We have few bb users that I now admin however, when I try to go to "Blackberry Administration Service" I get page cannot b edisplayed, when I checked for the wwwroot folder is was missing, perhaps the last admin was disgruntle and deleted it, when I try to go to "Blackberry Server Configuration" it says "Please run Setup.exe to complete the installation" and "Your registry settings for this application were not copied correctly. To correct these settings, run Setup.exe again…". So I need a little help either moving it to a different server or resolving these issues.