ORT JTAG – ZTE MF626 / ZTE MF636 Repair Dead Boot

Description :
ZTE MF 626 Unbrick / Repair Dead Boot
ZTE MF 636 Unbrick / Repair Dead Boo

Tools : ORT Tool [Latest Version Recommended]
VREF : 2.6V

Repair Operation Manual :
1. Make JTAG Connections
2. Power on
3. Click SCAN
4. Select Appropiate Dump
5. Click Write
6. Done.

Released Stuffs :
* MF626 JTAG Pinouts
* MF626 Repair Dumps
* MF626 Firmware Files
* MF636 JTAG Pinouts
* MF636 Repair Dumps
* MF636 Firmware Files

Verizon nabs Samsung Continuum, Zeal and Motorola Citrus on November 11th, according to gushing leak?

Someone’s found their way into an internal database and pulled out details on three Verizon phones — the Samsung Continuum, Samsung Zeal and Motorola Citrus, all of which will reportedly drop on the 11th of next month. We don’t have any reason to doubt that, as all three showed up on a recent rebate, but there’s more to these leaked screens than a release date. For instance, the Continuum will apparently sport a Swype virtual keyboard on top of a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, to say nothing of that secondary display, and the Motorola Citrus explicitly doesn’t support tethering. The Samsung Zeal, meanwhile, isn’t a modern smartphone at all, but rather a dual-hinge device with “magic” e-ink keys that change from a standard dialer to a four-row QWERTY layout. Isn’t it nice to have all that sorted out?

[Thanks, Gavin]

Verizon nabs Samsung Continuum, Zeal and Motorola Citrus on November 11th, according to gushing leak? originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 01 Nov 2010 00:12:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Receives Precious Customization, Swarovski Crystals (Video)

Since the iPad and iPhone have already been covered in gold and diamonds, it’s time for Samsung’s tablet, the Galaxy Tab to receive a similar treatment, this time involving Swarovski crystals. Turns out that CrystalRoc has adorned the slate with 5,700 Swarovksi Bright Crystals, applied by hand. The result can be seen below:

This version of the slate will be sold exclusively via Micro Anivka at Harrods, in London for a yet unknown price, but probably a huge one. We also learn that the device’s cool logo was done in Jet Hematite, for an even more precious mobile experience. This luxury slate will be sold starting November 1st, so start breaking your piggy banks, or simply banks.

Crystalroc – Samsung Galaxy Tab from CrystalRoc on Vimeo.

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Apple Sues Motorola… What Else Is New?! Multitouch Involved, This Time

You might remember that Motorola sued basically every major company earlier this month, including Apple. Now, the Cupertino giant is fighting back, launching two legal actions against Moto, for its breach of six patents related to multitouch technology.

The list of Moto devices infringing Apple’s intellectual property includes quite a bunch of models like the Cliq, Cliq XT, Droid, Droid 2, Droid X and many more. Apple has split up the fix patent infringements into two lawsuits that involve among others the unauthorized use of “ellipse fitting for multitouch surfaces”, “multipoint touchscreen” and “object-oriented system locator system”.

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Brand new 8320 user with battery question

I bought a used 8320 for the sole purpose of using the UMA over my wifi to make free calls from home.

Yesterday was the 1st day with the phone and I left it on overnight, plugged in to the wall charger (not a blackberry charger, but an after-market one)

When I woke up this morning the BB was dead… solid red light on. Managed to get it charging after much ado, but I don’t know why it didn’t keep charging over night…

Then today I noticed something…. when its plugged into the wall you get the charging icon on the display, but that goes away after awhile… battery shows 100% charged…

Is it supposed to stop charging when it gets to 100%?

Should it have stayed at 100% if it was plugged in?

Need old 4.6 pre-loaded ringtones

Just upgraded from my old 8900 to a new Torch. Liking it so far, but missing a few of the pre-loaded ringtones from the 4.6 OS which I’ve used for years for email, priority email, SMS and other things. I’m so used to the tones, I really hate to switch. Is there any way to get some of the pre-loaded ringtones from the old OS loaded onto my new Torch?

Premium HedoneDesign NOVA theme

Unlike a super-nova, a Nova is a star that just gets brighter and brighter.

Theme name: HedoneDesign NOVA theme
Theme author: HedoneDesign
Theme credits: HedoneDesign

Download Link(s): BlackBerryApp Store or check for more info at HedoneDesign.
Price: 6.99$

Special features:
* XtH


Unlike a super-nova, a nova is a star that just gets brighter and brighter. There is something, however, quite “super” about this particular nova.
Our designers spent a lot of time coming up with an entirely new icon set like nothing you’ve seen before. Icons are symbols meant to convey a thought, an idea or a function in the simplest and clearest of forms – reminiscent of the designs of famed Braun industrial designer Dieter Rams and the original Mac icon set. Simple. Elegant. Communicative. Classic. Nova also features a message and calendar board that can be accessed by simply navigating up. Individual items can be selected and viewed/edited with a single press of a button, keeping with the Hedone Design concept that form is not separate from function, but, if properly utilized, work with and from one another – the beauty IS the brawn.

IMPORTANT: You MUST have a data plan/internet access on your BlackBerry in order to install themes. 4.5 version themes will NOT work on any device running an older operating system! Also 5.0 version themes will NOT work on device running an older operating system! Be careful when choosing, you choose one you would like to get! Subsequent claims can not be taken into account! Also check screenshots first and then select the theme you want!

Suported devices:
8500, 8900, 8950, 9000, 9100, 9300, 9500, 9600, 9650, 9700, 9800 series

Other Bold, other problem : no boot !

Re-hello to everyone !

On my 2nd Bold 9000, i’ve a different problem (than in the 1st…) :
– the bold don’t stop to boot, stop, reboot … when i connect it on PC to try to install an other OS.

The battery is very full and it’s OK (try into an other 9000), so it isn’t a battery problem.
I can’t wipe it by JL_Cmder because not enough time to wipe it (it isn’t reconized by JL_Cmder).
I’ve try to install a new OS via DOS comands and AppLoader with no JVM, AppLoader reconize the phone, start to connect, and when it read the ARM, AppLoader lost the connection when the phone reboot…

So, if you have solution or suggestions : i’m here !!!!!!! Thanks !!!

AppLock License Help!

I recently purchased this app from the Blackberry App World. Installation went fine etc.

But then it says License not found for your device when I click on Update Registration. I think it’s because a different PIN was registered.
NOT the one under Options > Status > PIN.

If anyone from Empower could help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Torch TXT screen

Can anyone tell me what the issue is that i have?

whenever i receive a new text.. i click on it and it never directs me at the bottom of the chat log where the last text was sent or received. its always in the middle of the chat log when ive already read it. and it gets annoying a lot of times. :/

can anyone tell me how to solve this problem!? thanks!!

Hello from France !

Hello everyone,

I just come to register to this forum.
I don’t speak and write correctly in UK language, so be cool with me !

I have a lot of BB from all series (7xxx, 87xx, 8520, 9000), this isn’t my job, but since one month, i spend my time to buy and repairs its.

I meet a big problem with 2 Bold 9000, i’ll post them in the good topic.

So i hope i’ll enjoy to be here !!!