Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM’s Response to It!

OMG… I can’t BELIEVE nobody here at BlackBerry Forums is talking about this yet! 😯

Here’s what’s happened today:

  1. The Boy Genius Report posted an Open Letter to RIM from an Anonymous (but verified) RIM Senior Exec!
  2. RIM responded.

Wow. Just… wow. The sad thing is, everything that this RIM employee wrote is just DEAD ON. Many of us that use the phones, and many tech bloggers, have been saying much the same thing for months now. RIM has stalled… once, they pioneered the smart phone market and led the way for everyone else to follow. Now they’re trailing behind, and it saddens me. While the general public may prefer their id10tPhones and their Android phones, I’ve yet to find a phone that is truly a worthy replacement for the BlackBerry for EMAIL, which is something I still rely on mine for.

Only time will tell if RIM can turn things around like they need to. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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