What is Easy jtag box

Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus is an innovative all in one service tool for phone and phone boot repair, data recovery, SPI memory programming and many other features. Supports eMMC, ISP, JTAG, SPI, NAND and many more protocols.

Advantages of the new hardware

Box to Host PC speed increased up to 40MB/sec JTAG Interface speed increased 20% eMMC 1 Bit ISP Speed increased up to 4MB/sec eMMC 4 Bit ISP Speed increased up to 12MB/sec (eMMC 5.0+) ** eMMC 4 Bit Speed up to 18MB/sec eMMC 8 Bit Speed up to 28MB/sec ( eMMC 5.0+ ) Compatibility with 99 host PC systems and OS’s Compatibility with old Easy JTAG gen. 1 ISP adapters (1bit) Adapter-less ISP (all stuff inside the box) Compatibility with all market popular eMMC sockets (with supplied adapters) True Plug and Play for modern Windows OS (8, 8.1, 10) Full Support for legacy OS like Windows XP

Outstanding features of Easy Jtag Plus

Updated Host MCU SAM3X8E vs LPC1768 in old box. Updated HIGH SPEED FPGA SPARTAN6 vs SPARTAN3 in old box Updated POWER MANAGEMENT subsystem – Full Digital PWM with ADC control. Added microUSB Connector if additional power required. Added VCC and VCCQ switch with overcurrent protection. Updated USB device interface: USB 2.0 480 Mbps (High Speed) Integrated ISP engine: Z3X High Power Pro Engine (4Mb/s ) ISP Support 1 and 4 bit* connection now. Added eMMC 8 bit high speed interface up to 42Mhz Integrated NAND* engine: NFC with 4 Kbyte RAM buffer and ECC Integrated M-PHY* interface. Integrated SPI engine: up to 21 MHz clock for popular SPI Memory Flash IC Integrated Self Test Core that exclude 90% faults in production. Integrated CCID Card Reader for Z3X Software Use