Access Any Datasheet on Your Android

If anything you’re like I am—interested in technology, funny, handsome…  Alright, so I’m just interested in technology. Anyway, you may find the need for a datasheet from time to time. So when someone mentioned they would appreciate an app for’s datasheets, dn3t thought “challenge accepted.”

Browsing websites and entering data is very tedious, especially when dealing with model numbers and drop-down boxes.  Furthermore, does not have a mobile version of their site, and it can be very time consuming when trying to locate the datasheet for the new OMAP5912.  The experience is rough, to say the least.

Dn3t’s new application ADSdroid allows you to cut through the fluff and search directly for a part number and returns a list of datasheets. This is extremely useful for those of us who are not intersted in the cost or marketing of the particular chip which we are currently hacking.

Although ADSdroid is not currently available on the Android Market, it can be found on the developer’s website.

[Source: VSzA Blog via Hackaday]

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